The ZETTLER Roadshow Truck is coming to FSDays 2016 to introduce news

The ZETTLER Roadshow Truck is coming to FSDays 2016 to show the latest in ZETTLER’s fire detection technology and Tyco’s fire suppression technology 
The ZETTLER range has been built around MZX Technology which provides some of the most advanced fire detection capabilities available. Developed from integrating many years of product innovation through research and development across Europe, the MZX Technology platform has provided some of the best sensing technologies over 100 years and has been a great contributor to early detection and minimizing false alarms. It has also been responsible for some of the best installation techniques allowing easy and flexible engineering and installation. This has resulted in the ZETTLER range being the most resilient, reliable and serviceable systems available and has the broadest level of standards compliance.
ZETTLER in 2000’s
ZETTLER was one of the world’s first fire detection manufacturers to transition from analogue to digital communication technology ensuring high levels of system resilience and reliability. Providing reliable communications on all types of new and existing cables in all manner of wiring layouts, the Zettler ZX Digital protocol continues to operate even if the cable is damaged by damp and fire.
World Class Manufacturing
Today, ZETTLER products are made in world class globally certified European Tyco owned factories which ensure the highest levels of quality and environmental health and safety.
Global Certifications
 ZETTLER products have global certification from many approval authorities and product development and manufacturing procedures are regularly audited and inspected by independent test houses from around the world.
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The ZETTLER Roadshow Truck tours Europe bringing the latest in ZETTLER’s fire detection technology and Tyco’s fire suppression technology to customers at exclusive events and trade shows.
On display inside the truck is the range of ZETTLER detection products, such as the touchscreen PROFILE control panel and triple sensing technology detector - 3oTec, as well as the Meridian gas detector from Scott Safety. The truck also features Tyco’s fire suppression products, iFLOW and SAPPHIRE, and the ZETTLER Care Communication Systems.
On board the truck customers learn about the range of products displayed through a mixture of live product demonstrations and augmented reality. The augmented reality feature shows ZETTLER products installed in a real life environment through a virtual 360˚ tour of specific environments.
About Tyco Fire Protection Products
Tyco Fire Protection Products is a division of Tyco, the world's largest pure-play fire protection and security company.  As an industry leader, Tyco Fire Protection Products uses its global scale and deep expertise to drive innovation, advance safety and solve the unique challenges of customers in more than 190 countries worldwide.  Every day, Tyco Fire Protection Products manufactures and delivers an unmatched range of detection and suppression systems, extinguishing agents, sprinkler systems, valves, piping products, fittings, fire-fighting equipment and services that helps its customers save lives and protect property.  Its global technology portfolio includes fire suppression, fire detection and mechanical building product offerings sold under many of the world's best-known brands: ANSUL, CHEMGUARD, CWSI, EZCARE, FIRECLASS, FLAMEVISION, GRINNELL, HYGOOD, LPG, NEURUPPIN, PYRO-CHEM, RAPID RESPONSE, SABOFOAM, SIMPLEX, SKUM, SPRINKCAD, THORN SECURITY, VIGILANT, WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL, and ZETTLER. 
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